Rodney castle

“In the face of great challenges, you can choose to live reactively as a victim, or choose to proactively take control, with awareness and accountability.” -Isaac Lidsky

Rodney Castle

In the US Postal Service I served as an electronic technician, maintenance supervisor, equipment specialist and as a maintenance manager. Over a period of time I have gained much experience and knowledge within my area of expertise. I am an accomplished and versed professional. Even when faced with difficulty or opposition, I have unyielding drive and persistence when following a course of action. I trust my knowledge and experience to guide me through any issues I may encounter. As well as being a highly adaptable professional, I am consistently focused on team and operational support. I have relentless drive and am self-motivated so that I may develop personally and professionally. I have the skills and passion to develop my team into goal-oriented champions. Being family-oriented. I am fiercely devoted to those around me, especially my family, I have been married for over 30 years and have 3 daughters who live in Lexington. Outside of work I love to golf and I like to get out in the garden. I enjoy cooking, especially spicy foods, for those I love and spend time with.

My Skills

  • Maintenance Management
  • Leadership / Motivation
  • Training / Development
  • Verbal / Written Communication
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
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My Education

Southern New Hampshire University

Business Studies


With a concentration in Business Administration, & Additional courses in Operations & Project Management

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Professional with Integrity

Valuing integrity above all else, I hold myself to a higher level of integrity and accountability than I do anyone else. I lead by example and expect the best out of myself and those I manage. I take great pride in what I do and value my reputation. No one who knows me doubts my honesty and integrity. 

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Driven Problem Solver

Solving problems that avert loss of time, money or materials is what I do best. I create an environment where continuous improvement thrives by being an example of engagement to hourly and salaried employees. No matter the task, I will see the work through to the end. Mission-oriented and having an unwavering sense of duty, I am devoted to doing what is right. I remain proactive, and am driven to succeed and dedicated to exceeding my own expectations of myself. In other words, I get things done.

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Motivating Leader

I am skilled at motivating employees to do high quality work even when the work is difficult. I posses the ability to take technical information and condense it into information that senior managers can understand and champion. I am an expert at managing multiple streams of work and communicating vertically and horizontally. 


  • 2015 - Current
    Manager, Maintenance Operations
    United States Postal Service
  • 2013 - 2015
    Equipment Specialist
    United States Postal Service
  • 2007 - 2013
    Maintenance Operations Supervisor
    United States Postal Service
  • 1995 - 2007
    Electronic Technician
    United States Postal Service

My Success Stories

Untitled design (99) Strategic Business Development

For the USPS Green Belt project I led a team in the reduction of Residue Mail by .5% of the total residual volume. Residue mail is any piece of letter mail that does not have a destination bin during the first pass of delivery point sequencing, resulting in additional processing. The project duration was 7 months, and was validated by higher authority. The project was successful and consequently saved the primary test site approximately $125,000 per year. Plans were put into place by headquarters personnel to replicate the project nationwide with the conservative estimate of savings being $40 million per year.

Untitled design (100) Successful Process Improvements

As a maintenance supervisor, I was tasked to decrease a particular mechanical failure on plant Delivery Bar Code Sorters. I gathered and analyzed run and maintenance data and decided to institute a small change to the existing preventive maintenance checklist. I instructed the maintenance employee to decrease the duration between belt changes at mail piece induction from every 4 days to every 3 days. This resulted in a .25% decrease in gap, skew and over-length errors which ultimately decreased mail piece reprocessing, damage to the mail and processing clerk functional hours.

My Resume